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sensuous massage oils

Frankincense is used in religious ceremonies to protect against negative energies. Its exotic scent combined with sweet orange and lavender create a harmonious blend for easing stress and restoring positive thinking. It has excellent healing properties for the skin too.
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aromatherapy massage oils

FRANKINCENSE - the healer. Helps focus the mind, relieves nervous tension. Creates positive mental stimulation and helps over come worries, dwelling on past and unpleasant events.

ORANGE - A natural tranquillizer for depression and anxiety, it fortifies the nervous and immune system. Regulates digestion and is a good tonic for the liver.

LAVENDER - Calming on the heart, relieves headaches, a natural analgesic, in particular for rheumatic and muscle pain. Helps one to sleep well. (do not use in early stages of pregnancy).

GRAPESEED OIL - A light base oil for all skin types.

massage advice
  Combine the massage with relaxing ambient music and soft candle light to set the mood. Cleanse the aurora of your loved one and say a little prayer before, during and after the massage to restore a sense of love and ultimate pampering.  

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