aromatherapy massage oils
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aromatherapy massage oilsBy Miss Lontay.

When we consider the word DISEASE and break it down into two syllables DIS-EASE, we can determine that 70% of illness is caused by not being at ease with ourselves, our mental state. Thus creating stress and tension throughout our body in the form of headaches, heart pain, chest pain etc... For example: Not of letting go of ones emotions - irritable bowel syndrome. Tightness of throat -suppressing ones communication - thyroid problems. Knee pain - stubbornness - not willing to move forward in life and so forth. The more we listen to our bodies the more we can understand and heal our mind and vice versa.

Aromatherapy Massage is more than just a massage it is about understanding the power of plant hormones and their beneficial effects on our physical and mental state. Aromatic constituents like ALDEHYDES - have anti-infectious and sedative properties. AZULENE - prevents discharge of histamine from tissues by activating the pituitary-adrenal system, releasing cortisone. This is beneficial for liver regeneration and helps speed up the process of healing, it is an anti-inflammatory. ESTERS -are soothing, calming and fungicidal, esters are found in geranium, lavender and orange flowers. When one understands how the many constituents effect the mind and body one can restore balance, health and harmony through the use of various combinations of aromatherapy oils and massage.


aromatherapy massage oils

Good petrissage movements like kneading the muscles and rolling the skin are excellent decongestive movements for removing waste from muscular tissue, improving metabolism and muscular contractability.
Combined with certain essential oils such as geranium, will aid in lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling, perfect a few days before a period.
Beware a good massage may lead to one needing the toilet!


aromatherapy massage oils   aromatherapy massage oils   aromatherapy massage oils

Good use of aromatherapy and massage can benefit ones psychological being. It can be relaxing, uplifting, a good anti-depressant, aids positive thinking, focuses the mind, creates a sense of well being, relieving stress and tension.


After a good aromatherapy massage your partner may feel a little worse for wear, with slight headaches, nausea especially if they are under alot of stress. This is due to clearing a build up of toxins in the body, through a good lymphatic drainage massage combined with essential oils. One may find an improvement of circulation, skin tone and in general more relaxed and importantly cherished and loved.

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