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MISS LONTAY'S Care Advice for Washing Your Garments

General Washing

Coloured garments last longer if they are washed inside out. Streaks on clothing can then be avoided.
... Never allow coloured garments to dry outdoors in sunlight. They can become discoloured and "sun-bleached".
... Shirts retain their shape better if they are dried hanging on a clothes hanger. Straighten the seams and collar and the shape will be better retained and the shirt easier to iron.
...Knitted garments retain their shape better if they are dried flat.
Separate garments into dark, light and colours. Never wash dark and lights together.

Hand Washing
Always make sure that the washing powder is completely dissolved in the water before putting the garment into it. Never sprinkle or pour washing powder directly onto the garment or allow coloured garments to soak. This can result in discolouration. Avoid leaving garments to soak!

Washing of wool and silk
Garments of untreated wool or silk, with washing instructions "hand wash, max 40C", demand special care. Use a washing powder that is specifically intended for 40C washing in water. Do not soak. Wash directly in water of the correct temperature with the washing powder well dissolved in the water. Gently squeeze the garment in the washing water, do not rub or ring out. Rinse thoroughly. A short spin removes excess water best. Shake out the garment once it is half dry, to give it a "fuller" feel. Dry heavy knitted garments flat.

Silk Velvet
Whilst it is stated dry clean only for silk velvet garments. It is possible to hand wash them, followed by a light tumble dry. Do not iron silk velvet as it will flatten the pile.

Ironing in Degrees Celsius

COTTON LINEN: - High temperature max. 20
WOOL NATURAL SILK: - Medium temperature max. 15
POLYAMIDE ACRYLIC: - Low temperature max. 11

Water must removed from the textile before drying. Virtually all textiles can be given a short spin, for a maximum of one minute. Many garments can also be tumble dried. On the other hand, avoid tumble drying garments that you particularly cherish, as tumble drying wears the garment.



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