miss lontay and the royal botanic garden kew london
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From photographic images of rare orchids and exotic flora captured by Miss Lontay herself in the jungles of Malaysia to the beaches of Tahiti she creates an extraordinary and enticing mix of luxurious high quality fabrics for her divine collections printed and made by some of the finest English and Italian manufacturers.

Miss Lontay was first recognized by The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew for her sexy silk lingerie showered with rare and precious orchids from; silk velvet ribbon tie panties, luxurious placement print robes to silk chiffon classy school girl babydolls, chemises, camisoles, thongs and babydoll knickers. She photographed the orchid Phalaenopsis violacea in Jellawang Jungle, Malaysia and became one of the seven figures at Kew’s orchid festival, Passion - The irresistible beauty of orchids. (click on panel right to view large). For more information please visit; Kew's website.

By sponsoring and promoting Orchid Conservation International through her designs Miss Lontay has a unique approach to the fashion world. She is able to help scientists with their research and developments to save the world’s orchids and their heritage sites whilst bringing lashings of glamour with her lingerie and beachwear. For every item of lingerie and beachwear sold Miss Lontay will donate £1.00 to OCI and 8 pence from every greeting card sold from this site. For information on OCI please visit; Orchid Conservation International Miss Lontay is now on The Board of Trustees at OCI.

Globalisation and growth of the worldwide economy can bring economic and social benefits, but we must also be mindful of the environmental effect. We need to be reminded that our existence relies on others, that we are interdependent with the rest of the world and universe. For these reasons Miss Lontay feels there is a great need to create a synergy between the fashion world and conservation.
With more people in the world today living in cities, there is a sense of disconnection between the natural and consumer world. We are more at peace with ourselves when we are at one with nature. If we have an open mind we can enjoy the tiniest flowers and a blazing sunset. It can be uplifting and inspiring.
When Miss Lontay looks upon an orchid that is so feminine and delicate, but it is able to withstand the harsh jungle environment, it shows a positiveness, a strength. One can never underestimate nature. If we view things from a holistic perspective then we can gain a deeper understanding of its existence and ours. Miss Lontay is developing this vision throughout her work.

It made Miss Lontay smile to see how the light fell upon the flowers in the most evocative ways. The charm nature possesses is extraordinarily enticing. She felt the flowers were having a laugh with their surroundings, adapting patterns and characters of other creatures, some like tigers, others imitating the female bee for reproduction!
Miss Lontay’s love for nature has been the impetus of her work and her aim is to put people back in touch with themselves and the natural world. What better way to start by adding natural beauty to her designs? Working with rare and exotic orchids from the jungles and designing them onto lingerie - the most intimate apparel, where one can express oneself deeply and lovingly with their beloved partner, and this is just the start...

The exotic floral beachwear collection includes; bikini tops with beautifully pleated cups giving a flattering look that enhances the breasts, and joined together with a gold loop front and tie back. Little low cut bikini bottoms have gold loops at the side with Miss Lontay orchid logo. Mini bikini skirts and french style bikini shorts have tantalising tie front with gold loops. The fabrics were created using photographic images of the strikingly bold blue Vanda x Rothschildianum orchid, the wild tiger orchid phalaenopsis mariae x mannii, not to mention the dazzling orange bromeliad flower. The fabric is a special Italian swimwear lycra created with UV A and B protection.

Miss Lontay teamed up with fashion photographer Philip James and headed off to Monte Palace Tropical Gardens in Madeira and the coastal areas of the Island St Vincente and Calheta to photograph her collections. Monte Palace being the main location. It’s magnificent tropical gardens helped Funchal to win the Gold Medal in the European competition Entente Florale 2000. Adorned with exotic flora from different continents it is classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Monte Palace was donated to the Berardo Foundation one of the goals is the protection of the environment. The perfect place for the shoot!



Panel about
Alison Lontay
was exhibited in the
Princess Of Wales
Conservatory at
The Royal Botanic Gardens,
Kew, London,
for the Orchid Festival Passion: The Irresistible Beauty of Orchids

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