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The European Association of Zoosand Aquaria Alison Lontay is working in association with EAZA "The Year of the Frog" 2008 Campaign to help raise funds and awareness to rescue our frogs from Chytrid Fungus, through her KISS N TELL fashion range (visit Conservation/Fair Trade page - Frogs).

Orchid Conservation International Alison Lontay is working in association with Orchid Conservation to help save our rare and precious orchids around the world and their habitats through the sales of her designs. She will become an honorary member of OCI in 2008 for her work.

Kew's website Alison Lontay was one of seven orchid enthusiasts invited by The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London to be part of their orchid festival titled: Passion - The irresistible beauty of orchids.

MONTE PALACE TROPICAL GARDENS Miss Lontay would like to thank everyone at Monte Palace Tropical Gardens for their kindness and patience in allowing us to photograph our spring/summer collection there. xx

FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER PHILIP JAMES - It is an honor to work with Philip, his use of natural light creates a mystical feel to his work. I feel completely at ease with him.

Dr. Henry F. Oakeley - President, Orchid Society of Gt. Britain

Nick Lindsay, Lesley Dickie - The Zoological Society of London

Martijn Los - The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria

Dr. David Roberts, Philip Seaton - Orchid Conservation International

Ivana Possamai - Production Coordinator Italy

Antoine Briant - Translator

Marisa, Gianlucca, Eugenio, Matteo Roccon... - Production Teams in Italy

Dee Robinson 'Little Sparrow', Louise Eves... - Production Teams in England

Anthony Frewin - Business councillor

Miss Chantal Lontay - Our Blonde Model and another Miss Lontay!

Special thank you to my dear parents, who's profound wisdom exceeds all intellect.


Silk Chiffon Orchid
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